26 November 2018

PSC Surprise Goodbye

The unintentional final collection of PSC was the Nude Revue Collection.

The Nude Revue Collection was a collection of 6 light nude shades.

Fever - cool rose pink creme
Sashay - warm beige creme
Scintillating - rose gold metallic shimmer
Tassel - cool beige creme
Tease - neutral beige creme
Vivacious - warm blush pink creme


The question now remains, will they be back or won't they?

As the saying goes, the show must go on... but as is essential for all things in life, rest breaks are essential. And even a brilliant show like PSC must take a breather while their fans await, tucked away in a little facebook group*, admiring and chatting about the many treasures that PSC have released over the last SEVEN years!

*please email me @ metalsparkles AT gmail.com if you are interested in joining our little facebook group ;)

PSC Postponed Party

There was supposed to be a party... alas corporate meddling put an abrupt end to that...

However, there's no law against reminiscing. So here we go...

The 2nd last PSC Collection : Let's All Party!

swatches by the eternally talented Emily de Molly

Let's All Party was a collection of 8 bright neon cremes.

Allnighter - glowing sapphire blue
Bash - fierce fiery orange
Celebration - flashy fuchsia pink
Fiesta - taffy candy pink
Hootenanny - radiant royal purple
Rager - fluorescent yellow
Rave - blazing neon red
Shindig - florid emerald green

So party on! Because some things can never truly end!