25 January 2019

21 January 2019

Flickr Wants The Money

Back in my world of old news... Flickr is making changes... again...

The date of November 1, 2018 indicates that I am MONTHS late on this "news".

When you are struggling to keep track of life because of shitty life reasons, months could be another word for minutes, I dunno, whatever. Point is, this is news that I'm still trying to process, ever so slowly as is the unintentional pace of the rest of my life.

Last month or so (because I've been seriously neglecting my flickr account) this note popped up...

A few days ago, the note was "upgraded" to...

- - -

For the record, the last time I'd uploaded images was August 31, 2017... yeah... life totally sunk for a long while there... I even missed the memo when Yahoo first acquired Flickr. Which was fine but then they made it so that you had to sign into Flickr VIA Yahoo. Yeah shit. Before that, to get into your Flickr account, you signed in through Flickr, duh. I had been seriously ill when that happened and completely missed that transition. The runaround to try to fix that was fun, NOT, but it was done. And now, you can choose to sign into Flickr via Flickr itself OR Yahoo. Flip flop flap blap. Oh and SmugMug owns Flickr now (Flickr bought by SmugMug as Yahoo breakup begins, by Samuel Gibbs, 23 Apr 2018 @ theguardian.com).

~ ~ ~

Welcome to Misty Hollows PP115 (2017)

~ ~ ~

Oh yeah, I also collect dolls and other toys. The way I've been seeing it, the photos that I've uploaded are a form of community service for the collecting community to help identify and give background to their collectables. I am not going to pay to provide free work. That's just, simply illogical.

- - -

So, as of NOW, it appears that I have 3912 photos... since I'm too poor to pay to share my photos for free... I guess this number is expected to gradually shrink...

And now, in ongoing weather watch...

Today is the coolest day, with the lovely low of 29°C HAHAHAHAH. (low temperatures are greyed out because that's sleeping time and the building never gets to cool down enough to get that low.)

Forecast is, more hot and hot and a touch of crazy hot. Summer is ongoing and it still sucks.

For the record,
25°C = 77°F
30°C = 86°F
35°C = 95°F
40°C = 104°F
45°C = 113°F
50°C = NOPE ... but gLoBaL wArMiNg dOn'T rEaL
(Formula = (x°C × 9/5) + 32 = y°F)

20 January 2019

A Few Purples From Colors By Llarowe

I wish nail polishes came with a little pamphlet to tell you what collection they're from and what other colours are in said collection... you know, like Lego mini-figurines... but then Lego is a multi-billion dollar company and most indie polish makers are not billionaires.

So, I have 3 new-to-me purple polishes by Colors of Llarowe. They are from various collections, those collections happen to be...

Mild & Wild 2018

Sugar & Spice is the lilac creme with shimmer from a collection of 8 polishes.

80 Degrees - light aqua base holographic
Burning Down The House - medium plum holographic
Dainty - blue to copper to pink shifting topper
Fast Cars & Rowdy Bars - blackened teal crelly
On The Prowl - jelly topper with iridescent glitters
Snakeskin Boots - blackened charcoal grey base with original Unicorn Pee pigment
Sugar & Spice - light lilac creme with pink shimmer
Tease - medium periwinkle blue crelly

For actual real pictures and swatches, Delicious Nails has them (28/01/2018).

Sugar & Spice is the only real deal here 

Winter 2015 - the Crellies & Jellies

Violet Haze is the deep purple jelly from a collection of 18 total polishes, of which 6 were crellies and/or jellies, which is what will be listed below.

Camo - muted green
Devilish - warm red
Emerald Isle - emerald green
Red-y Or Not - true red
Regal - rich blue
Violet Haze - purple

For actual real pictures and swatches, Cosmetic Sanctuary has them (21/11/2015).

Violet Haze is the only real one in this line-up

Doctor Who 2014

Weeping Angels is part of a massive collection of 16 polishes. Overall appearance as follows:

Allons-y Alonzo - turquoise
Amy - green teal
Davros - beige
Face of Boe - pale lemon
Jackie - light blue
K-9 - red jelly
Madame Vastra - magenta
Mickey - blue teal
Mine is Nine - bronze
River - bright blue
Ten is Tops - silver
The Eyebrows - brown
The Master - deep teal
The Ood - coral red
Vincent - black creme
Weeping Angels - lavender

For actual real pictures and swatches, Set in Lacquer has them (13/12/2014).

this image seriously needs to be redone some day... 

- sort out glittery colour shifty graphic textures

Colors by Llarowe also released this cheeky colour for Polish Pickup last year.

Instagram image from 27/09/2018

- - -

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- - -

Poor USA...

... and TIL that Scandinavia and the World is not on Instagram *shocked*

- - -

please go to satwcomic.com for the rest of this image 

- - -

In other news... at least it's just regular hot now instead of crazy hot.

The forecast (of inactivity) for this following week...

Seriously can't wait til summer is over!

14 January 2019

Baby Vervet Monkey Tantrums

Growing up is hard.

Youtube: Vervet Monkey Foundation

From 2017-2018 baby season...

Adorable Orphaned Baby Vervet Monkeys Peggy & Joli Meet Their New Foster Monkey Moms

Published on Jan 8, 2018
The Vervet Forest Episode 7 - Orphans Peggy and Joli are moved to a Skrow troop intro enclosure where they meet their new foster mom monkeys. Baby Groot struggles to learn the feeding cage.

Video Length: 4:30

Tantrum @ 3:08

WARNING: high pitched squeals

So tiny, such fury!

Instagram: vervet_forest

From 2018-2019 baby season... Pakko taco throwing a furious fit! (Jan 11, 2019)


Convincing the babies to drink from inside the feeding cage is not the easiest task. Here’s @hiptothehop95 talking Pakko into being a big boy, but he ain’t interested. 😂 The feeding cage is a crucial step in the foster mom process. Since the adoptive mothers are not lactating, the bottles are where the babies get their milk from for the first year or so of their lives. Once they’re in the troop we try to minimize human exposure which means no more hand feeding. This also means the bottles are exposed to the troop, so to avoid any pesky juveniles or adults getting at the bottles, the bottles are placed inside this small cage with openings just big enough for the babies to fit into. Once the babies get the hang of climbing in and out to drink then bottle life is great, but in these early Disneyland days the concept can be a bit frustrating for a hungry baby. #vervetforest #notpets #animalrehab #wildlifeconservation
A post shared by The Vervet Forest (@vervet_forest) on


It's amazing to be able to watch baby animals growing up :)

Meanwhile, counting down the days til a bearable daytime temperature comes around again...

12 January 2019

Recently Read Blogs

In the long ago (pre-2010) people used to do a blog roll call or follow or shout out thing... I'm not sure how things are done these days (lol omg so old), so I'm going to link specific blog posts that I've enjoyed recently... and by recently I mean months ago because I've had this post on "draft" mode for a while...

The Polish Playground
(active 2013 - 2018)
- no particular post, just a had a general browse

Pretty Girl Science
(active 2012 - 2015)
- they've moved to Bedlam Beauty (Nicole) and Some Weird Sin (Amanda aka Kate Lux).

they've moved...

www.pollypolish.com is no longer online :(
(active ??? - definitely not active anymore!)
- SEE!?! NOT everything remains on the internet forever!

Other pages I'd bookmarked for some reason that I've forgotten... ordered from newest to oldest...

16/11/2018 by pishnguyen Swatch My Stash! Pretty Serious #2: Blue, Purple, and Neutral
- It's so nice to see new blog posts of Pretty Serious polishes still being swatched. With well researched back stories to boot!

12/10/2017 by M.M. Chouinard Morgan Taylor Flirty Florals stamping kit
- her stamping is so neat and clean... I'm so impressed! And those plate patterns are quite pretty too.

19/07/2017 by Marisa Inspired By Your Partner // Beer Appreciation
- a cute beer themed nail art tutorial that also includes PSC's Wish You Were Beer as one of the polishes used.

29/10/2015 by Jae DOUBLE STAMP ALL THE NAILS!!
- apparently there was a Paint All The Nails event a while ago... I must look into that more.

14/04/2014 by Amanda Reviews and Swatches: Nfu-Oh - 51 (Flakie)
- I'm just here for the weird bottle shape.

18/03/2012 by Jen A Nail Fanatic's Glossary
- which has since been added to the List of Glossaries Page.

It looks like another scorching week ahead so minimal productivity to be expected :(


I've got too many drafts and ideas to clean up and finalise!