30 December 2018

Seriously Random by PSC (2013)

Half a day is within "indefinite" time duration >.>

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Seriously Random, like these days in between Christmas and New Years Day. Limbo Days. Dancing may or may not be involved and everything is neither here nor there...

The following 2 polishes were released in the earlier part of 2013.

Martian Sea - rusty red with subtle olive green shimmer
The Pink One - hot pink shimmer with a blue flash

random but still alphabetical

4 more randoms were added to the randomness mid-2013.

Cybernetic - teal green and violet microglitter in a blue jelly base
Grimm Demise -  teal green microglitter in a teal jelly base
My Darlin' Clementine - twinkling orange glass fleck with a hint of duochrome sparkle
Purple Monkey Dishwasher - vibrant violet glitter in a translucent purple jelly base

swatches by the OG Kaz

The OG Source! (sort of*) - Getting Random With the Randoms (30/05/2013)
*via The Internet Archive Wayback Machine

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Kellie Gonzo (active 2009-2016) - PSC - Seriously Random (14/02/2014)
The Pink One AND Cybernetic

Pretty Purple Polish (active 2011-2015) - PS Seriously Random Collection* (21/06/2013)
*Pretty Serious - Cybernetic, My Darlin' Clementine, Grimm Demise & Purple Monkey Dishwasher
Seriously Random collection swatches and reviews

Mucking Fusser (active 2013-2015) - PS - Seriously Random Part 2 (15/06/2013)
Cybernetic AND My Darlin' Clementine
Mucking Fusser (active 2013-2015) - PS - Seriously Random Part 1 (05/06/2013)
Grimm Demise AND Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Swatch and Learn (active 2010-2018) - Four New Seriously Randoms from PS* (28/05/2013)
*Four New Seriously Randoms from Pretty Serious Press Release & Promo Pictures

Spit & Polish (active 2011-2016) - Pretty Serious 4 New Releases (19/05/2013)
Seriously Random collection promo

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It's All About the Polish (active 2012-2016) - PSC Cybernetic (06/07/2013)

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Rainbowify Me (2011 - still active) - Pretty Serious ~ Grimm Demise (11/11/2013)

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Vackerunderbar (active 2007-2017) - Pretty Serious – Martian Sea (02/09/2014)
not english, but very decent pictures :)

Linda's Nailorama (active 2011-2015) - Pretty Serious - Martian Sea (19/07/2013)
not english, but lots of good pictures :)

Patty and Goldie's Day Off (active 2012-2016) - Martian Sea by Pretty Serious (01/05/2013)

be there sea, or not?


Lacky Corner (2012 - still active) - Pretty Serious - My Darlin' Clemetine(sp) (25/07/2014)

Lacquer Slacker Liz (active 2013-2018) - Pretty Serious My Darlin' Clementine (11/07/2013)

Set in Lacquer (active 2012-2015) - PS - My Darlin' Clementine swatches (15/07/2013)

My Darling Clementine (1946)


Love's Sweet As (active 2014) - PSC 'Purple Monkey Dishwasher' {S&R} (06/04/2014)

Pointless Cafe (active 2011-2016) - PSC Purple Monkey Dishwasher (26/07/2013)

Artist: monsterobots AKA Thomas Wiebel


Imperfectly Painted (active 2010-2017) - Third Week Throwbacks: PS The Pink One (18/11/2015)

Polish Etc (2012 - still active) - PS The Pink One (15/05/2013)

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Yes, it is still very hot and I am still grumpy about it.

29 December 2018


So, I found this blog post from 2013 by Spit & Polish.

I was trying to write up a post about the Seriously Random collection by Pretty Serious Cosmetics... it's still going to be written up but it's staying as a draft for the indefinite future...

This is the forecast for the next week for where I am at. Today is hot. Tomorrow will be hot. Following days will be hot PLUS chances of rain = HUMIDITY = LIFE IS HORROR!

why does blogger compress image uploads so badly?

I am melting and my brain is broken. Still no swatching. No camera. No photographs. Blah nah. Yes, I am aware that there is technology that exists that can alleviate this heat. I even know how said technology works. I just can't afford it. Technology is a fairytale if you can't access it *rant about the lies of capitalism on innovation and efficiency* Too HOT nah. Explain some other day. Maybe not. I go die now ok bai no plz thx

24 December 2018

PSC Christmas Holiday Releases

Over the years, Pretty Serious Cosmetics have provided the polish world with a number of gorgeous Christmas/Holiday collections.

The last Holiday collection released was The Ghosts of Christmas Past Collection in 2016. There was no Holiday themed collection in 2017 (please let me know if this is wrong!).

This was a collection of 8 polishes with a range of finishes including two topper polishes.

Enchanting Evergreen - deep evergreen with shimmer
Fairy Lights - pale pearly grey with shimmer
Jack Frost - shimmery iridescent topper, glows ice blue on a dark base
Mojito - colour shifting topper that shows various green shades
Peace On Earth - pale mint green with pink shimmer
Tarnished Tinsel - gold glitter with flecks of red and silver bits
Velvet Bow - dark metallic red
Very Merry Berry - deep red crelly

The Ghosts of Christmas Past (2016) polish line-up

Before the previous trip to the past, The Ghosts of Christmas Future Collection arrived in 2015. There was also a visitor to this future from even back further in the past. Yeah, I'll let you try to read that all over again.

This collection was an 8 piece of futuristic metallic shimmery goodness, with Santa's Sunburn making a return from a previous collection, that we will get to if you continue to read on.

A Christmas Time Paradox - bright blue foil with silver shimmer
Eat, Drink and Assimilate - coppery orange metallic foil
Frosty The Snowborg - silver metallic foil
Hack the Halls - bright green metallic foil
Joy To The Overlords - purple foil finish with small sparks of blue in it
Santa’s Sunburn -  red metallic foil
The Night Before ... - black base with dense silver flecks
Yuletide Of The Machines - gold metallic foil

Ghosts of Christmas Future (2015) polish line-up

Going back to 2014 now, The Rooftop Soiree Collection makes its elegant entrance.

A collection of 6 glittery polishes true to the spirit of a glittery holiday.

Cocktail Bar - teal jelly with teal, blue and green glitters
Daphne After Dark - charcoal jelly with multicoloured glitters
Glitz and Glam - mix of gold and silver micro glitters, works best as a topper
Invitation Only - metallic grey has colour shifting particles and glitters
Moments Til Midnight - dark blue jelly with golden glitters
Red Carpet Treatment - red jelly with various glitters

Rooftop Soiree (2014) polish line-up

Our final stop is back in 2012 when The Christmas Without Snow Collection was released.

There were 6 polishes of glittery goodness.

Blue Gums on Boxing Day - green with blue shimmer
Hot Summer Nights - ink blue jelly with silver glitter
Party by the Pool - peacock jelly with green & blue bits
Santa's Sunburn - red foil with silver glitter
Seasonal Sunset - rusty jelly with glitters
Twinkling Lights - blue glitter & larger copper glitter, works best as a topper

Christmas Without Snow (2012) polish line-up

Here's hoping that we will be able to experience more Christmas collections once again when PSC returns...

23 December 2018

KBShimmer 2014 Collection of Flakie Toppers

Back in 2014, KBShimmer released a limited collection of 6 iridescent flakie toppers.

The shades were:
Aurora - green-gold
Dark Matter - indigo
Flame Queen - orange
Lightning Ridge - teal
Pinfire - green
Rainbow Shield - rainbow 

Screenshot below is from Carinae L'etoile's (active Dec2008 - June2016) destash list on Storenvy. I couldn't find any official promo images *internet hunting fail*

NOT an active sales list

Google could only find 2 blogs that reviewed this whole collection!

Polished with Pizzazz 
KBShimmer LE Flakie Polishes (December 7, 2014)

Cosmetics Sanctuary 
- KBShimmer Limited Edition Flakie Collection Swatches & Review (NOVEMBER 25, 2014)

22 December 2018

Real Magic Polish Toppers by ILNP

So... ILNP (who are based in the USA) currently has this massive (18 because one of the polishes mentioned here is all sold out everywhere) range of iridescent colour shifting toppers of both the shimmery and shimmery flakie kind (word salad blah! basically, sparkly stuff) and I can't afford any of it!

It all (not really) started (not really) with The Magician, which was released as part of ILNP's Spring 2017 collection. This polish had that fabled Unicorn Pee pigment in it.

Some months later, they came out with an 8 piece collection of colour shifting toppers.

With the release of their Fall 2017 collection a little bit later that (that sounds so weird, speaking as a resident of the Southern Hemisphere... Autumn is BEFORE Spring... brain blaaah), 2 more colour shifting toppers were added to their range.

And then this year, for Spring 2018, ILNP released an 8 piece collection of colour shifting iridescent flakie toppers.

I'm lazy/tired/nobody-cares-what-the-difference-is today, so only links to Glitterfingersss blog posts!

Glitterfingersss swatches and reviews:

ILNP Spring 2017 (FEBRUARY 27, 2017)

ILNP surprise 2017 (AUGUST 21, 2017)

- ILNP Fall 2017 (AUGUST 30, 2017, excluding ultra holos)

- ILNP Spring 2018 (MARCH 01, 2018, flakies only)

NOTE to self: Northern Hemisphere = (start of year) Winter => Spring => Summer => Autumn (towards end of year)

(you have no idea how many times I'd jumbled the timeline of these collections around especially as I'm exceptionally fog brained today)

21 December 2018

Transition Toppers by Glitter Gal

Another brand that I'd missed out on... Glitter Gal. Apparently the company owners have moved onto other areas of their careers... but it's always fun (for me) to look back on stuff :)

I love the self explanatory names of their collection of Transition Shades from 2012.

There were 4 polishes in this set.

Soft Blue - blue :)
Soft Green - green :)
Soft Red - red :) although it actually appears to be more pinkish magenta-like than actual red
Soft Violet - purple :)

images from Maconii where these polishes are *still* currently available

Sources of information for this post:

Fashion Polish (18/03/2012) - Glitter Gal Australia New Collections!

Maconii Store (21/12/2018) - Glitter Gal

Nail It! ( (12/06/2014)) - Indie Polish Spotlight: Glitter Gal Australia

20 December 2018

You My Chimichanga by Bee's Knees

This is Deadpool. These are chimichangas.

thanks to Google image search

Deadpool loves unicorns. Deadpool also loves chimichangas.
Actually, Deadpool loves a lot of things...

thanks to Google image search

Bee's Knees also loves Deadpool. They even released a collection based on his last movie.
I also love Deadpool and I also love chimichangas.

please pretend that it's full of shiny and not just black text on a white background

You can see what the shinies look like on the Bee's Knees' product page for You My Chimichanga.

You can see what the swatches of You My Chimichanga look like AND the rest of the Deadpool Collection at the Queen of Nails 83 blog.

Bee's Knees & Queen of Nails 83 

That is all.

19 December 2018

FUN-tasy Collection by FUN Lacquer

I think I might be a little bit obsessed with nail polish toppers at the moment.

So, during my "research" on chameleon pigments, I discovered that FUN Lacquer released a collection of 6 colour shifting toppers earlier this year, 2018. Forever late to the party.

Promo Image + tiny text

The 2018 FUN-tasy Collection

Made in SINGAPORE • 12ml Full Size Nail Polish Bottle • Limited Edition

Over simplified (lazy) descriptions as follows:

Divine - red-green like a dragon
Elysium - teal-gold like a lush forest
Enchanting - pink-green like a pretty garden
Heaven On Earth - blue-gold like the ocean
Iconic - magenta-emerald, like an intense Enchanting
Mirage - colours depend on base, cool shades on white, desert golds on black

Polish Line-up + tiny text

I collect pictures because I can't afford to get the actual polishes *CRIES*

18 December 2018

What is Unicorn Pee?

Today, I'm gonna do a  redacted  and screenshot and quote existing stuff on the internet and pretend it's a whole new article.

What can I say, sometimes it's just stupid to try to reinvent the wheel. Not all the time, just sometimes... like this time.

So. Unicorn Pee. What is it?

um. wait. installing reddit app on phone. please don't be pointless.

edited screenshot, so much jpg... sorry. SOURCE 05/08/2017

Clarins 230 by reddit u/kimberleykitty SOURCE 11/04/2018

The UP fad resurfaced in 2017 (reddit, 05/03/2017), so that's last year, so I'm late... like usual.

Baroness X Doomfire SOURCE 04/08/2017
Also @ polishedlifting

I haven't quite settled on a reliable method of screenshotting yet. The current process is taking me way too long than it should be and so much jay-peg *CONCERN*

not quite what I was looking for but thanks. SOURCE 11/09/2011

An earlier wave of interest appeared to be around 2011/2012.

Swatch and Learn (08/04/2011) and Polish-Ninja (05/12/2011)

Fashion Polish (04/02/2011) , Chloe's Nails (13/06/2011)

There are databases (reddit, 20/08/2018) kept by fans to keep track of the polishes released containing UP.

After spending too much time, again, "researching" polishes that contain Unicorn Pee, I have come to the conclusion that I really like the looks of Darling Diva's Mythical Pee Collection (Naked Without Polish blog, 31/05/2017). And then, ONLY one of those polishes contain UP haha. I say looks, because I do not have access to these polishes in real life. The collection name is also hilarious. The collection appears to have 11 different polishes, with one containing metallic flakes of precious metals and 5 polish names with two variations each, basically 1 + 5x2 = 11

There is the ONE Unicorn Pee which has a clear base with the UP pigment, glitters, various flakes including holographic AND those fancy precious metals (silver, gold, platinum) flakes. It has a whitish-silvery overall shade.

everyone poops pees

The other types of "Mythical Pee" contain varying shades of chameleon (colour shifting) pigments and each type also comes in no-added-holo or with-added-holo versions.

Dragon Pee contains reptilian green-blue shifting pigment with fiery red flecks.

I am dragon, I go whoosh

Fairy Pee contains a field of green-gold-copper shifting pigments.

ancient places, in reality

Mermaid Pee contains aqua-indigo shifting pigments of the deep watery salty sea.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Kelpie Pee
contains the other-worldly glow of green-blue shifting pigments.

what's wrong with yer pony?

Pegasus Pee contains green-indigo shifting pigments of a dark forest.

no polish, so here's a forest from the Mixels

... but why aren't their "pee" of the yellow kind? Shhhhh... no questions...

AND then, there's the Spring/Summer 2018 Collection released by FUN Lacquer (of Singapore), sometime in 2018 as its name implies (unsure if Northern or Southern Spring/Summer?) also included three polishes (out of a 10 part collection) named after Unicorn parts*, NO Unicorn Pee (pigment) included but still unicorny and shimmery and I'm quite certain that Unicorn Nails should be Hooves or maybe it's referring to the application to human nails...

there's also "Unicorn Love" but that's NOT a body part!

I wants them. The precious...

* please do NOT use real unicorn parts, please only use pretend unicorn parts.

17 December 2018

Interference & Chameleon Pigments

I am a total colour nerd/geek/who even knows what words mean these days anymore. Which leads to me being a nerd/geek on all things that make colour. That includes, the light spectrum (how we see colour) and pigments (how we recreate and use colours). Other topics include the anatomical requirements and limitations on how we and other living things perceive colour and how technology utilises the science of light and consequently, colour.

it's a rainbow!
(thanks Google... thanks Wikimedia... thanks svgtopng)

Lately, the topic of interest for *ME* has been the behaviour of interference & chameleon pigments. They can be seen in car finishes, acrylic paint mixes, plastic colouring, and nail polish (and colouring for everything else). Other words that have been used include "transforming", "duo-chrome", "multi-chrome", "iridescent" "flash colour" and "colour shifting".

(adding such an image makes me feel sad that I do not currently
have a decent vector program or a scanner for scribbles... I do have
a rubbish camera phone though!)

The tiny jpg'd-to-death text in the image (from Just Pigments) reads:

In the manufacturing of the Interference pigments, the TiO2 layer thickness is carefully selected and controlled to produce the desired color. In the case of Iridescent Pearl, the TiO2 is sufficiently thin, such that all wavelengths are reflected "in-phase", yielding a white reflectance. For Interference Gold, the thickness of the TiO2 layer results in the wavelengths representing yellow to be reflected "in-phase", yielding a bright gold at spectacular angles. The same principles pertain to Interference Green.

Firstly, I AM NOT A SCIENTIST. At least not in the professional or qualified sense. Which seems to be what a lot of people seem to only care about these days. However, I do have a keen interest in science... and I promise that I'm not an anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist :(

Anywhooo... I definitely did do high school science and this *is* at the level of high school science so I feel confident to explain some of the science here.

TiO2 is Titanium Dioxide, it is commonly used as white pigment. So, basically, the white stuff. This is partly why most interference pigments appear whitish.

Mica is explained here by The Blue Bottle Tree far better than any attempt I can make. So basically, mica can be coloured AND can be mixed WITH pigments. They start off as separate materials though. Mica powders also tend to be less vibrant in intensity as a lot of pigments, so they are mixed to get a specified balance of shine and colour intensity.

Wavelengths, in-phase, reflected ie. "unneeded/unwanted" colours are absorbed (not seen) and the "required/desired" colour (wavelength) is reflected making the object appear as that colour. This is why interference pigments are usually shown on a dark background.

Have you heard of Unicorn Pee? Well, that's a whole 'nother post for another day! The short version is, Unicorn Pee or UP is an orange red that has shimmers from gold to green. So, it is a type of chameleon pigment. Basically, pee is usually yellow and so, UP appears to be from a very dehydrated unicorn, with an appearance of dark yellow-red that sparkles gold and green. The specific Unicorn Pee pigment (The New York Times, by Alice Gregory, March 12, 2014) that lacqueristas/lacquerheads go 'nanas for is of a specific particle size... or something...

Many pigment suppliers stock variations of both interference and chameleon pigments and most nail polish companies have released polishes utilising the fascinating effects of those pigments.

Transforming polish topcoats from Pretty Serious Cosmetics

MAC Studio Nail Transformation toppers

You can see the MAC toppers applied at beautygeeks by Karen Falcon (JUL 7, 2014 - MAC Transformations + MAC Studio Nail Lacquer + Swatches)

And then there are "iridescent" "flakies".
Iridescent meaning interference and/or chameleon, and flakies meaning flakes, little bits, small particles (but not microscopic small) etc they are basically just bigger flakes of the pigment than its powder form. They also do best on a dark background.

Iridescent flakies polish topcoats from Pretty Serious Cosmetics

Polishes are by Starrily but I have no idea what collections they came from or when they came out.

not active but still crazy useful

For a hobby focused resource, Polish & Pigments (franken polish research & information) is a brilliant reference treasure. Alas, it does not have a search bar and neither do I (sorry for the current plain-ness of this blog), so I must go through all the articles! (not really but eh)

Holographic and metallic, pigments and flakes are different topics for another day.

15 December 2018

PSC 2016 Haul by Christine Willig (crazyblue1018)

Going deeper back in time... to 2016! Pretty dramatic huh?

This time, it's a video by Christine Willig.

Bottles in Boxes! 

Pretty Serious Cosmetics | Haul, Swatch & Review
Published on Jul 20, 2016

She's so awesome, that she's already provided the times to the various parts of her video! <3

Video Length: 21:27

Video wrap up: 19:50

The products from the collections noted above included:

I was particularly interested in Dupe (2016 Serious Business collection) and Venomous (2015 Splash of Flash collection)...

Application of Dupe 

Bottle, application and swatch of Venomous 


Of course, she is also on instagram, as @crazyblue1018

(and I hope the instagram embed thing works this time here because I'm linking another one!)

... got back in time for Christmas! heh heh geddit, because it's from 2016.....

14 December 2018

PSC Youtube Videos by The Polished Queen

So, information on Pretty Serious got harder to come by from 2017 onwards. Even blogging in general, especially from Nail Polish bloggers also appeared to become less frequent. I'm not sure if they are connected or... ? That meant... I had to *GASPS* go on Youtube to find information on Pretty Serious polishes released post-2016.

My previous post, was about Nika's videos of her Pretty Serious polish collection. This one will be about The Polished Queen's (Jessika) PS polish collection! Videos were all made before the "occurence".

The Polished Queen's video intro

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Clearance Haul - $3 Indie Polish - WHAT??!!
Published on Dec 1, 2017

Video Length: 28:55


Absence 1:24
Tarnished Tinsel 3:01
Mojito 4:50
The Singing Seed 6:28
Fossil Of The Death Worm 8:11
Daphne's Masquerade Party 10:21
Very Merry Berry 12:50
Chariots Of The Red Sea 15:18
Fluffykins 17:24
Luminous Doom 19:10
Enchanting Evergreen 20:58
Happy Accident 22:34
Davy Jones' Lacquer 25:21
Cute Cuticles Bubblegum 27:52

I was particularly interested in seeing Happy Accident since the other polishes are from collections prior to 2017 (with the exception of Daphne's Masquerade Party, Luminous Doom and Davy Jones' - the possessive apostrophe rules always trips me up - Lacquer) and thus, have been blogged about elsewhere... that still appears to exist on the internet as of today, but I advise you to take your own notes if you wish to refer back to this information later on in the future.

Pretty Serious "Happy Accident"

Happy Accident being swatched 

This was a comment from the following Youtube video embedded below... this is one of the many ways a youtube rabbit hole begins ... and that was how I ended up watching the video above.

one way how a rabbit hole begins...

Pretty Serious Swatch & Review - New Shades!!!
Published on Nov 21, 2017

Video Length: 25:54

Packaging comparison from old to new (rebranded) 4:18

Bottle comparison from old to new (rebranded) 5:15


Ara 6:39
Bloodlust Nebula 8:15
(compared to Picture Polish Paradise)
Carina 12:49
Dorado 14:37
My Immortal 16:14
Pyxis 18:08
Ragequit 19:14
Serpens 21:47

End of actual polishing, continues onto the video outro 23:20

In that video, I was most interested in seeing Bloodlust Nebula and Ragequit since the other polishes (except for My Immortal) shown in the video were from the "Consider Outer Space" collection, which have been blogged about elsewhere on a number of nail polish blogs... that haven't yet disappeared from the internet...

Bloodlust Nebula vs Picture Polish Paradise 

Top: Ragequit, one coat
Bottom: Ragequit, two coats

You can also find The Polished Queen on Instagram @jessikatpq