14 January 2019

Baby Vervet Monkey Tantrums

Growing up is hard.

Youtube: Vervet Monkey Foundation

From 2017-2018 baby season...

Adorable Orphaned Baby Vervet Monkeys Peggy & Joli Meet Their New Foster Monkey Moms

Published on Jan 8, 2018
The Vervet Forest Episode 7 - Orphans Peggy and Joli are moved to a Skrow troop intro enclosure where they meet their new foster mom monkeys. Baby Groot struggles to learn the feeding cage.

Video Length: 4:30

Tantrum @ 3:08

WARNING: high pitched squeals

So tiny, such fury!

Instagram: vervet_forest

From 2018-2019 baby season... Pakko taco throwing a furious fit! (Jan 11, 2019)


Convincing the babies to drink from inside the feeding cage is not the easiest task. Here’s @hiptothehop95 talking Pakko into being a big boy, but he ain’t interested. 😂 The feeding cage is a crucial step in the foster mom process. Since the adoptive mothers are not lactating, the bottles are where the babies get their milk from for the first year or so of their lives. Once they’re in the troop we try to minimize human exposure which means no more hand feeding. This also means the bottles are exposed to the troop, so to avoid any pesky juveniles or adults getting at the bottles, the bottles are placed inside this small cage with openings just big enough for the babies to fit into. Once the babies get the hang of climbing in and out to drink then bottle life is great, but in these early Disneyland days the concept can be a bit frustrating for a hungry baby. #vervetforest #notpets #animalrehab #wildlifeconservation
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It's amazing to be able to watch baby animals growing up :)

Meanwhile, counting down the days til a bearable daytime temperature comes around again...

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