07 January 2019

Awkward Pet Names by PSC (2015 - 2018)

I am on a creme-y adventure! That sounded wrong. I love the cremes! I love cremes! Cremes are the best!

Creamy cremes from The Well Meaning But Ultimately Quite Awkward Pet Names series by Pretty Serious Cosmetics. From hereon to be referred to as Awkward Pet Names... or just Pet Names... because LAZY efficiency!!!

Crappy overexposed oversaturated overmurdered photo via potato phone camera
under sh*tty dungeon lighting. Why yes, I did buy two polishes just because they
had "bunny" in their name.

From 2018 - 7 pastel shades!

Bitsy Boo - teal
Bon Bon - blue
Chicky - yellow
Dollface - pastel
Poppet - pink
Smoochie - green
Tootsie - peach

(swatches & reviews by... I can't find any by Olivia Jade Nails - 08/05/2018  minus the keywords "awkward" AND "names", that's why I'd missed it earlier)

BONUS swatches & reviews via Youtube video by Kelli Marissa - 24/06/2018, I've done a time breakdown of the swatching here.

Alas, I am unable to find actual images of the real products... so here are some blah drawings instead!

- - -

From 2016 - 6 shades that were also pastels!

Bunny Foo Foo - turquoise
Cutie Patootie - lavender
Doodle Bug - blue
Fluffykins - pink
Little Duckling - yellow
Peachie Poo - peach

(swatches & reviews by Peachy Polish - 27/06/2016)

- - -

From Halloween of 2015 - 4 shades that definitely weren't pastels!

Baron von Bootiful - dark teal
Darkling Squishy - forest green
Gloomy Kitty - dark red
Pumpkin Head - orange

(swatches & reviews by Kellie Gonzo - 04/01/2016)

- - -

And now back to the beginning in 2015 - 6 solidly bright shades for our solid pet buddies who brighten our world and put up with cringe-y* names with endless love!

Cuddle Bunny - lavender
Honey Puff - yellow
Pookie - turquoise
Snugglebutt - blurple
Stud Muffin - red
Sugar Cakes - hot pink

(swatches & reviews by Vampy Varnish - 22/10/2015)

- - -

Maybe one day I'll do swatches when it stops being so very stupidly hot (very exhausting) and dark (potato dungeon or something) :P and when I get my camera bits sorted and... and world peace is achieved... and... mother of dragons... and...

*I don't even know what words are real anymore, everything gets a red wiggly line under it!

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