06 January 2019

Grace-full Cremes of 2018 (and 2017)

Grace-full is an Australian nail polish brand that I've been meaning to try forever but I never seem to have enough funds to get the real stuff. So, I shall be drawing crappy pictures to demonstrate instead.

They currently have a few creme collections available and I WANT THEM ALL... alas, we all know I can't because things cost money and I have no money... so I must resort to... drawing pictures of imaginary polish bottles!

I do try to refer to different blogs but it seems like Olivia Jade Nails was the one to go to for 4/5 of the listed collections... I TRIED!

- - -

Sweet Treats (review & swatches by Olivia Jade Nails - 22/11/2018)

Pretty colours named after sugary goodness? GIMME!

Black Currant Cake - pastel purple
Candy Swirl - fuchsia thermal (NOT just a creme)
Fairy Floss Cupcake - pastel pink
Hawaiian Punch - medium turquoise
Lavender Tea - pastel lilac
Lime Chiffon Pie - lime green
Watermelon Sorbet - coral pink

- - -

Pruglies (review & swatches by Olivia Jade Nails - 20/03/2018)

Brick Your Heels - orange red
Mustard Been Love - mustard yellow
Teal Or No Teal - medium teal
Under My Marsala - burgundy

- - -

Facebook Fan Group (review & swatches by Olivia Jade Nails - 19/03/2018)

By Any Other Name - dusty rose
Calm Life - light blue
Dark and Twisty - blurple
Devine Ametrine - medium purple
Kissed by a Rose Quartz - baby pink

- - -

Serenity (review & swatches by Olivia Jade Nails - 19/03/2017)

Most of these aren't available anymore but I had to include them because they look so pretty!

Antique Pink - dusty pink
Dreamy Cloud - light grey
Eucalyptus Dew - soft sage green
Japanese Violet - medium purple
Lavender Bouquet - grey lavender
My Cup of Tea - neutral cream
Peony Bloom - peachy pink
Verbena Blossom - dusty purple with pink flash (NOT just a creme)

- - -

Fruit Salad (review & swatches by Procrastinating Polishr - 14/06/2017)

Again, most of these are no longer available but LOOK AT THEM! they look so delicious! (even if they're just pictures of fake polish bottles)

Apple - green
Blueberry - blue
Grape - purple
Lemon - yellow
Mango - peachy orange
Raspberry - red
Strawberry - pink

The raspberry being the redder one and the strawberry being the pinker one really confused me while doing my copy paste fun times. In my experience, raspberries tend to have a more pinkish tone and strawberries are usually pretty much red unless they're green yellowish babies. But bleh. Berry colours are berry coloured :)

- - -

So many purples <3

DISCLAIMER: images are NOT of actual products, in case that wasn't obvious.

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