20 January 2019

A Few Purples From Colors By Llarowe

I wish nail polishes came with a little pamphlet to tell you what collection they're from and what other colours are in said collection... you know, like Lego mini-figurines... but then Lego is a multi-billion dollar company and most indie polish makers are not billionaires.

So, I have 3 new-to-me purple polishes by Colors of Llarowe. They are from various collections, those collections happen to be...

Mild & Wild 2018

Sugar & Spice is the lilac creme with shimmer from a collection of 8 polishes.

80 Degrees - light aqua base holographic
Burning Down The House - medium plum holographic
Dainty - blue to copper to pink shifting topper
Fast Cars & Rowdy Bars - blackened teal crelly
On The Prowl - jelly topper with iridescent glitters
Snakeskin Boots - blackened charcoal grey base with original Unicorn Pee pigment
Sugar & Spice - light lilac creme with pink shimmer
Tease - medium periwinkle blue crelly

For actual real pictures and swatches, Delicious Nails has them (28/01/2018).

Sugar & Spice is the only real deal here 

Winter 2015 - the Crellies & Jellies

Violet Haze is the deep purple jelly from a collection of 18 total polishes, of which 6 were crellies and/or jellies, which is what will be listed below.

Camo - muted green
Devilish - warm red
Emerald Isle - emerald green
Red-y Or Not - true red
Regal - rich blue
Violet Haze - purple

For actual real pictures and swatches, Cosmetic Sanctuary has them (21/11/2015).

Violet Haze is the only real one in this line-up

Doctor Who 2014

Weeping Angels is part of a massive collection of 16 polishes. Overall appearance as follows:

Allons-y Alonzo - turquoise
Amy - green teal
Davros - beige
Face of Boe - pale lemon
Jackie - light blue
K-9 - red jelly
Madame Vastra - magenta
Mickey - blue teal
Mine is Nine - bronze
River - bright blue
Ten is Tops - silver
The Eyebrows - brown
The Master - deep teal
The Ood - coral red
Vincent - black creme
Weeping Angels - lavender

For actual real pictures and swatches, Set in Lacquer has them (13/12/2014).

this image seriously needs to be redone some day... 

- sort out glittery colour shifty graphic textures

Colors by Llarowe also released this cheeky colour for Polish Pickup last year.

Instagram image from 27/09/2018

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Poor USA...

... and TIL that Scandinavia and the World is not on Instagram *shocked*

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In other news... at least it's just regular hot now instead of crazy hot.

The forecast (of inactivity) for this following week...

Seriously can't wait til summer is over!

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