01 January 2019

Clips of Baby Rhinos Galloping for Day 01 of 2019

Why rhinos? ... because they're super cute and they (and all other babies and non-babies) need the world to care more about them. Plus, they're our real life unicorns :D

... when an image goes viral and reverse google image search just sends
you to pinterest and you still have no idea who the original artist is... HALP?

I love maps. I'm also very lazy. I'd group "Oceania" and
"Antarctica" together but Wikipedia doesn't and I am lazy.

Our (ie. belonging to the WORLD) wondrous chubby unicorns are mostly located in Africa and some in the southern parts of Asia, both areas are part of the gigantic Afro-Eur-Asia landmass. Sometimes, I call it the old world because I'm obviously stuck in the 15th century or something. Being of the taxonomic order perissodactyla, that makes them related to horses. Therefore, real life unicorns.

However, today will be focused on the little ones (as in the babies... the adults are actually the larger rhino species of remaining extant species) of Africa. And by Africa, I mean the tiny parts that make up Kenya and South Africa and they're not even close to each other. (Political borders are subject to change because political borders are stupid like that.) And by little ones, I mean only the little ones of the erroneously named white rhino kind.

some kind of map of Africa 

Look at little baby Maarifa galloping (instagram* 30/11/2018) about under the watchful eyes of her DSWT keepers.

- - -

Check out Summer and Arthur (instagram 30/10/2018) galloping in their boma while under the care of Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary.

- - -

Here's Khula the (big) baby rhino and his bestest buddy (instagram 26/08/2018), Buzi (short for Imbuzi) the goat, horsing (heh heh) around together at the Zululand Rhino Orphanage.

- - -

And last but not least, baby Sparkle (instagram 29/12/2018) being cared for by the folks at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary. How can I not include her, with a name like that!

✨Introducing Sparkle!✨ In the Christmas spirit, the newest arrival at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary has been named Sparkle. ✨ Sparkle arrived at the sanctuary just less than a week ago after her mother was killed by poachers. She has been progressing incredibly well and has settled into her new home. With 16 liters of milk and many mouthfuls of grass, we are happy to say that Sparkle is quite the happy chubby unicorn! If anyone would like to support this sparkling little rhino, please send us an email to donate@careforwild.co.za #careforwildrhinosanctuary #sparkle #orphanedrhino #babyrhino #rhinosofinstagram #savetherhino #rescue #rehabilitate #release #protect #donate #support #endwildlifecrime @shanekluivert @babyrhinorescueorg @spiritwildlifefund @africanconservation @africanwildlifefoundation @conservationorg @thewcs @wildlifesos @world_wildlife
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- - -

Obviously, the babies are super cute but they all come from depressingly unfortunate circumstances. They are all orphans, their mothers being victims of poaching. Let's hope that this year, 2019, more protections will be put in place for them. We can't let our real life unicorns go extinct :(

*why can't instagram embed code be nice and easy like youtube embed code?

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