12 January 2019

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In the long ago (pre-2010) people used to do a blog roll call or follow or shout out thing... I'm not sure how things are done these days (lol omg so old), so I'm going to link specific blog posts that I've enjoyed recently... and by recently I mean months ago because I've had this post on "draft" mode for a while...

The Polish Playground
(active 2013 - 2018)
- no particular post, just a had a general browse

Pretty Girl Science
(active 2012 - 2015)
- they've moved to Bedlam Beauty (Nicole) and Some Weird Sin (Amanda aka Kate Lux).

they've moved...

www.pollypolish.com is no longer online :(
(active ??? - definitely not active anymore!)
- SEE!?! NOT everything remains on the internet forever!

Other pages I'd bookmarked for some reason that I've forgotten... ordered from newest to oldest...

16/11/2018 by pishnguyen Swatch My Stash! Pretty Serious #2: Blue, Purple, and Neutral
- It's so nice to see new blog posts of Pretty Serious polishes still being swatched. With well researched back stories to boot!

12/10/2017 by M.M. Chouinard Morgan Taylor Flirty Florals stamping kit
- her stamping is so neat and clean... I'm so impressed! And those plate patterns are quite pretty too.

19/07/2017 by Marisa Inspired By Your Partner // Beer Appreciation
- a cute beer themed nail art tutorial that also includes PSC's Wish You Were Beer as one of the polishes used.

29/10/2015 by Jae DOUBLE STAMP ALL THE NAILS!!
- apparently there was a Paint All The Nails event a while ago... I must look into that more.

14/04/2014 by Amanda Reviews and Swatches: Nfu-Oh - 51 (Flakie)
- I'm just here for the weird bottle shape.

18/03/2012 by Jen A Nail Fanatic's Glossary
- which has since been added to the List of Glossaries Page.

It looks like another scorching week ahead so minimal productivity to be expected :(


I've got too many drafts and ideas to clean up and finalise!

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