07 January 2019

Awkward Pet Names by PSC 2018 Edition

I couldn't locate any blogs talking about the 2018 edition of the Awkward Pet Names* series by Pretty Serious Cosmetics. so I had. to go to. YOUTUBE! *groan*

I like the convenience of blogs, you go to an address, and BAM, all the info in front of you, 2D life for the win! Just a little bit of scrolling up and/or down. But with videos... urgh, gotta hunt down the ear phones, gotta use LINEAR TIME to watch the video (life is soooo hard) and gotta pause and rewind and blah to get info.

What do you mean you just turn it on and watch it?

Anyway... so, here we have celebrity nail artist, Kelli Marissa reviewing BOTH Pastel Pet Name* collections by Pretty Serious, she notes the earlier one as being from 2017 which I will continue to insist that it is actually from 2016 because I've got too many pastel pet names things filed under 2016 already and I'm not changing it! AND I file the second pastel edition as being from 2018 which she notes as being from the end of 2017, kinda into 2018... so yeah... either way, there are two sets, one is from an earlier time period than the other.

Considering my general resistance of having to sit through Youtube videos AFTER the effort of hunting for earphones (you try being organised in a shoebox!) to experience the in-fo-may-shon... things could be worse... Kelli Marissa is clear and concise, while going through a good amount of content in a reasonably short duration of time.

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Giant Pastel Neon Nail Polish Swatch/Review
Published on Jun 24, 2018

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Video Length: 9:46

She goes through each of the new (2018/2017) colours with their earlier (2017/2016) colour counterpart.

Poppet (pink) 0:53
Fluffykins (2016) 1:27

Tootsie (peach) 1:57
Peachie Poo (2016) 2:30

Chicky (yellow) 3:11
Little Duckling (2016) 3:46

Smoochie (green) 4:23
(no green from 2016)

Bunny Foo Foo (turquoise from 2016) 4:55
(no turquoise-y version in 2018)

Bitsy Boo (blue) 5:32
Doodlebug (2016) 6:06

Bon Bon (periwinkle) 6:40
(no pastel blurple version from 2016)

Dollface (lavender) 7:13
Cutie Patootie (2016) 7:40

Roundup 8:15

Fun Fact 9:24
ie. Kelli Marissa uses "super expensive" candles as decorative background props but she will probably never light them because they were "super expensive".

No screenshots this time because nah.

*known by many names...

The Well Meaning But Ultimately Quite Awkward Pet Names Collection

... so much so that Olivia Jade Nails actually did do swatches & reviews (08/05/2018) but minus the keywords "awkward" AND "names", and that is why I missed it earlier... OOPS!

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