19 December 2018

FUN-tasy Collection by FUN Lacquer

I think I might be a little bit obsessed with nail polish toppers at the moment.

So, during my "research" on chameleon pigments, I discovered that FUN Lacquer released a collection of 6 colour shifting toppers earlier this year, 2018. Forever late to the party.

Promo Image + tiny text

The 2018 FUN-tasy Collection

Made in SINGAPORE • 12ml Full Size Nail Polish Bottle • Limited Edition

Over simplified (lazy) descriptions as follows:

Divine - red-green like a dragon
Elysium - teal-gold like a lush forest
Enchanting - pink-green like a pretty garden
Heaven On Earth - blue-gold like the ocean
Iconic - magenta-emerald, like an intense Enchanting
Mirage - colours depend on base, cool shades on white, desert golds on black

Polish Line-up + tiny text

I collect pictures because I can't afford to get the actual polishes *CRIES*

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