20 December 2018

You My Chimichanga by Bee's Knees

This is Deadpool. These are chimichangas.

thanks to Google image search

Deadpool loves unicorns. Deadpool also loves chimichangas.
Actually, Deadpool loves a lot of things...

thanks to Google image search

Bee's Knees also loves Deadpool. They even released a collection based on his last movie.
I also love Deadpool and I also love chimichangas.

please pretend that it's full of shiny and not just black text on a white background

You can see what the shinies look like on the Bee's Knees' product page for You My Chimichanga.

You can see what the swatches of You My Chimichanga look like AND the rest of the Deadpool Collection at the Queen of Nails 83 blog.

Bee's Knees & Queen of Nails 83 

That is all.

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