29 December 2018


So, I found this blog post from 2013 by Spit & Polish.

I was trying to write up a post about the Seriously Random collection by Pretty Serious Cosmetics... it's still going to be written up but it's staying as a draft for the indefinite future...

This is the forecast for the next week for where I am at. Today is hot. Tomorrow will be hot. Following days will be hot PLUS chances of rain = HUMIDITY = LIFE IS HORROR!

why does blogger compress image uploads so badly?

I am melting and my brain is broken. Still no swatching. No camera. No photographs. Blah nah. Yes, I am aware that there is technology that exists that can alleviate this heat. I even know how said technology works. I just can't afford it. Technology is a fairytale if you can't access it *rant about the lies of capitalism on innovation and efficiency* Too HOT nah. Explain some other day. Maybe not. I go die now ok bai no plz thx

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