12 December 2018

What Does the KB in KBShimmer Mean?

First, the internet tells me that the creator of KBShimmer is a tropical mermaid at heart, at least that's how I'm reading this... I COULD BE WRONG!

Quoted 2015, screenshot 2018

Scribble Me This (2014)

A more recent interview, done this year, which is 2018 for the record, by Lucky Break Consulting with Christy Rose of KBShimmer, tells me that they went through a re-branding this year! Revealed in March specifically.

Screenshot where I could just repost the image and type out the original text.

Chroma Chameleon (multichrome) shown in image... or Just A Phase (magnetic)???

As is usual with researching anything, I still have not reached my goal of figuring out what the KB in KBShimmer stands for, my original task. I have however, learnt a whole bunch of things about branding and business which is always useful. Unfortunately, I have yet to learn how to use better words than "bunch" and "things".

Onto another interview , this time with The Mercurial Magpie, back in 2015... and BAM! Score :D

Quoted 2015, defaced 2018

KB stands for KATY BUG

KATY BUG is Christy Rose's daughter's nick name :) how super sweet is that? So that means, Christy Rose's daughter is at least 10 years old... because the brand is 10 years old. I am full of useful information!

I did more research... because the internet gives me permission to do so! It took me back even further back in time... back to 2012 at beautylish.

Quoted 2012, defaced 2018

The tiny text reads... KBShimmer nail polish in Quantu Leaf, photo courtesy of manicurator.com

And now I shall spend forever going through The Mercurial Magpie... like I need a new addiction but *mumbles blah mumbles*

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