21 December 2018

Transition Toppers by Glitter Gal

Another brand that I'd missed out on... Glitter Gal. Apparently the company owners have moved onto other areas of their careers... but it's always fun (for me) to look back on stuff :)

I love the self explanatory names of their collection of Transition Shades from 2012.

There were 4 polishes in this set.

Soft Blue - blue :)
Soft Green - green :)
Soft Red - red :) although it actually appears to be more pinkish magenta-like than actual red
Soft Violet - purple :)

images from Maconii where these polishes are *still* currently available

Sources of information for this post:

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Nail It! ( (12/06/2014)) - Indie Polish Spotlight: Glitter Gal Australia

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