22 December 2018

Real Magic Polish Toppers by ILNP

So... ILNP (who are based in the USA) currently has this massive (18 because one of the polishes mentioned here is all sold out everywhere) range of iridescent colour shifting toppers of both the shimmery and shimmery flakie kind (word salad blah! basically, sparkly stuff) and I can't afford any of it!

It all (not really) started (not really) with The Magician, which was released as part of ILNP's Spring 2017 collection. This polish had that fabled Unicorn Pee pigment in it.

Some months later, they came out with an 8 piece collection of colour shifting toppers.

With the release of their Fall 2017 collection a little bit later that (that sounds so weird, speaking as a resident of the Southern Hemisphere... Autumn is BEFORE Spring... brain blaaah), 2 more colour shifting toppers were added to their range.

And then this year, for Spring 2018, ILNP released an 8 piece collection of colour shifting iridescent flakie toppers.

I'm lazy/tired/nobody-cares-what-the-difference-is today, so only links to Glitterfingersss blog posts!

Glitterfingersss swatches and reviews:

ILNP Spring 2017 (FEBRUARY 27, 2017)

ILNP surprise 2017 (AUGUST 21, 2017)

- ILNP Fall 2017 (AUGUST 30, 2017, excluding ultra holos)

- ILNP Spring 2018 (MARCH 01, 2018, flakies only)

NOTE to self: Northern Hemisphere = (start of year) Winter => Spring => Summer => Autumn (towards end of year)

(you have no idea how many times I'd jumbled the timeline of these collections around especially as I'm exceptionally fog brained today)

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