13 December 2018

PSC Swatches & Reviews by Nika's Naughty Nails

I was only intending to watch and write up Nika's Naughty Nails' video, dated from October 2018. I found that video to be so informative and nicely structured that I ended up watching all the videos that she had of her Pretty Serious polish collection. Oops.

My Pretty Serious Nail Polish Collection 2018
Published on Oct 10, 2018

Video Length: 28.24

The beginning...
Polishes (40 of them!) mentioned:

Top L-R: Petrichor, Cloudburst, Misty, Precipitation, Davy Jones Lacquer, Luminous Doom
Bottom L-R: Cherry Bomb, Stupid Cupid, Iktsuarpok, Undercover Mermaid

Top L-R: Seasonal Sunset, Very Merry Berry
Bottom L-R: The Pink One, Haddonfield

Top L-R: Phantom Planet, Hydra, My Immortal
Bottom L-R: Love Bite, Hell On Wheels

Top L-R: Toxic Tiara, Kashmir
 Bottom L-R: Wish You Were Beer, Daphne's Garden Party

Top L-R: Elliot, Princess Putonium, An Uzi From Daddy, Wicked Wasteland
Bottom L-R: The Dragons Curse, Messenger Of The Titans

Top L-R: Fossil Of The Death Worm, The Singing Seed, The Mad Skull Of Cloverton
Bottom L-R: Daring Delicates, Ichi Hanami 

Top L-R: Bloody Bride, Gruesome Groom, 18" Stonehenge, Throwing CopperBottom L-R: Bloodlust Nebula, Plush  

Still swatch pictures from 27:14 onwards.

+ BONUS extra information in the Youtube comments from King Hiss himself!

Pretty Serious Nail Polish Collection Part 4
Published on Apr 15, 2018

Video Length: 8:00


Misty 0:39
Messenger of the Titans 2:00
Petrichor 3:14
Precipitation 4:34
Darling Delicates 5:40

Rundown 6:43

The following video showcases a number of new 2017 polish shades, purchased after the 2017 PSC re-branding.

Pretty Serious Nail Polish Collection Pt 3
Published on Sep 24, 2017

Video Length: 9:55


Throwing Copper 0:34
Bloodlust Nebula 2:30
Plush 3:45
Wicked Wasteland 4:58
18" Stonehenge 6:12
Seasonal Sunset 7:28

Rundown 8:43

The following video shows a haul, that would have been from the sale that happened prior to the 2017 re-branding.

Pretty Serious Nail Polish Collection pt 2 
Published on Jul 9, 2017

Video Length: 13:14


Toxic Tiara 0:23
Phantom Planet 1:25
Gruesome Groom 2:44
Kashmir 4:20
Fossil Of The Death Worm 5:12
The Singing Seed 6:29

Rundown with still swatch photos 7:27

Just random stuff and other tidbits 10:08

Pretty Serious Nail Polish Collection Pt 1
Published on May 21, 2017

Video Length: 16:24


Iktsuarpok 1:14
Cherry Bomb 3:25
An Uzi From Daddy 5:40
Haddonfield 7.26
The Pink One 8:55
The Dragons Curse 10:11
Princess Plutonium 12:10
The Mad Skull Of Cloverton 14.00

Rundown: 15:53

AND now I'm going to watch Nika's Naughty Nails' other videos!

She is also on Instagram as @nikasnaughtynails

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