07 December 2018

Chunky Glitter in Pastel Crelly

As usual, I am super late to the party.

So the beginning... it started, when I first noticed Iris My Case at Femme Fatale Cosmetics. Of course it's sold out.

Swatch NOT by me... by whom, I don't know yet, as of 07/12/2018

Anyway, who's KBShimmer?

They are... a nail polish company founded in 2008 by Christy Rose... so it looks like I have 10 years to play catch up on. They also make and sell body care *gestures vaguely* stuff products. They are located in Indiana, the USA... a whole plane ride away from Australia which always puts a dampener on the idea of buying anything - sometimes *cough* Mattel *cough* and/or usually no fault of the brand, more thanks to ridiculous postage rules ie. in this case, nail polish is classified as a flammable material so there are restrictions to transporting it - but, isn't transport fuel also flammable?

Thanks Google! And Wikipedia... and svgtopng DOT com

I always forget where Indiana is... actually, I always forget where most USA states are located. The internet tells me that it is one of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Hopefully I'll remember from here on, I guess we'll see.

Ok, anyway... stuff sold out. Alright... I continue with life.

Did you know that NCLA did a nail polish & wraps & lipstick collaboration with Barbie? Well, I do now but I didn't until quite a bit after the release of the collection.

NCLA x Barbie, image credits: internet ie. NOT ME

Who are NCLA? Apparently they're really big with the nail wraps stuff. So, obviously LA stands for Los Angeles, at least that's a location in the USA that I am not completely ignorant about. What does "NC" means? I could see that this company is strongly against animal cruelty (super awesome)... so "No Cruelty" LA? Well, they do make nail decorative stuff, so "Nail Color" LA? Maybe "Nail Care" LA, although it seems like they got into that business part a bit later on the business timeline. Alright, this is bugging me... I need to find out what the "NC" part means. Some moments later, I learn that the sisters who run the company have Vietnamese and Swedish ethnic backgrounds. I had already suspected the Vietnamese part because the younger sister uses a Vietnamese name. Vietnamese + Nails... yeah, go make your Viet Nail jokes... so, I also found out that they have an older brother and another sister, named Elsa, that's pretty Scandinavian hehe. However, I still don't know what the "NC" part of "NCLA" stands for. More searching... I am in a deep rabbit hole of researching by now and I finally find out that NC stands for NAIL COUTURE! Thanks to JPy-LA, a local lifestyle magazine about Kawaii stuff, I assume? I had enough of doing "research" by the time I found that. So, after acquiring a lot of information that is none of my business and we now know that NCLA means Nail Couture Los Angeles! TA DA!

Quoted 2017, screenshot 2018

Now, do they ship internationally? Do they ship the FLAME LIQUID internationally?

Emailed customer service. They said yes, for a flat rate of $9.95. Sweet! So, now we know. Awesome response speed too, kudos to NCLA customer service for that bit.

Now, I wonder if they have stockists in Australia. There is no list of stockists or re-sellers on their website, at least none that I can locate. Somehow, I find out through Google Images (don't ask me details) that a store named Maconii, located in Victoria on this continent, stocks some NCLA items. Unfortunately, they do not have the NCLAxBarbie items... not surprisingly as the NCLAxBarbie only came out mid-November and we obviously live in the Stone Ages here in Australia.

And then I saw Posh and Privileged.

Posh and Privileged by NCLA, LOOK AT IT!!!

It's soooo cute and pretty!!! Oh, wait... I remember that KBShimmer had a bunch of pastel crellies with chunky glitter! Gotta go check those out again!!!

Hey, so what does the "KB" part of KBShimmer stand for?

NOTE: links worked on the day this blog post was written up... who knows if it still will, when and if anyone else ever reads this, oh internet, you are so fickle!

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