14 December 2018

PSC Youtube Videos by The Polished Queen

So, information on Pretty Serious got harder to come by from 2017 onwards. Even blogging in general, especially from Nail Polish bloggers also appeared to become less frequent. I'm not sure if they are connected or... ? That meant... I had to *GASPS* go on Youtube to find information on Pretty Serious polishes released post-2016.

My previous post, was about Nika's videos of her Pretty Serious polish collection. This one will be about The Polished Queen's (Jessika) PS polish collection! Videos were all made before the "occurence".

The Polished Queen's video intro

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Clearance Haul - $3 Indie Polish - WHAT??!!
Published on Dec 1, 2017

Video Length: 28:55


Absence 1:24
Tarnished Tinsel 3:01
Mojito 4:50
The Singing Seed 6:28
Fossil Of The Death Worm 8:11
Daphne's Masquerade Party 10:21
Very Merry Berry 12:50
Chariots Of The Red Sea 15:18
Fluffykins 17:24
Luminous Doom 19:10
Enchanting Evergreen 20:58
Happy Accident 22:34
Davy Jones' Lacquer 25:21
Cute Cuticles Bubblegum 27:52

I was particularly interested in seeing Happy Accident since the other polishes are from collections prior to 2017 (with the exception of Daphne's Masquerade Party, Luminous Doom and Davy Jones' - the possessive apostrophe rules always trips me up - Lacquer) and thus, have been blogged about elsewhere... that still appears to exist on the internet as of today, but I advise you to take your own notes if you wish to refer back to this information later on in the future.

Pretty Serious "Happy Accident"

Happy Accident being swatched 

This was a comment from the following Youtube video embedded below... this is one of the many ways a youtube rabbit hole begins ... and that was how I ended up watching the video above.

one way how a rabbit hole begins...

Pretty Serious Swatch & Review - New Shades!!!
Published on Nov 21, 2017

Video Length: 25:54

Packaging comparison from old to new (rebranded) 4:18

Bottle comparison from old to new (rebranded) 5:15


Ara 6:39
Bloodlust Nebula 8:15
(compared to Picture Polish Paradise)
Carina 12:49
Dorado 14:37
My Immortal 16:14
Pyxis 18:08
Ragequit 19:14
Serpens 21:47

End of actual polishing, continues onto the video outro 23:20

In that video, I was most interested in seeing Bloodlust Nebula and Ragequit since the other polishes (except for My Immortal) shown in the video were from the "Consider Outer Space" collection, which have been blogged about elsewhere on a number of nail polish blogs... that haven't yet disappeared from the internet...

Bloodlust Nebula vs Picture Polish Paradise 

Top: Ragequit, one coat
Bottom: Ragequit, two coats

You can also find The Polished Queen on Instagram @jessikatpq

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