15 December 2018

PSC 2016 Haul by Christine Willig (crazyblue1018)

Going deeper back in time... to 2016! Pretty dramatic huh?

This time, it's a video by Christine Willig.

Bottles in Boxes! 

Pretty Serious Cosmetics | Haul, Swatch & Review
Published on Jul 20, 2016

She's so awesome, that she's already provided the times to the various parts of her video! <3

Video Length: 21:27

Video wrap up: 19:50

The products from the collections noted above included:

I was particularly interested in Dupe (2016 Serious Business collection) and Venomous (2015 Splash of Flash collection)...

Application of Dupe 

Bottle, application and swatch of Venomous 


Of course, she is also on instagram, as @crazyblue1018

(and I hope the instagram embed thing works this time here because I'm linking another one!)

... got back in time for Christmas! heh heh geddit, because it's from 2016.....

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