24 December 2018

PSC Christmas Holiday Releases

Over the years, Pretty Serious Cosmetics have provided the polish world with a number of gorgeous Christmas/Holiday collections.

The last Holiday collection released was The Ghosts of Christmas Past Collection in 2016. There was no Holiday themed collection in 2017 (please let me know if this is wrong!).

This was a collection of 8 polishes with a range of finishes including two topper polishes.

Enchanting Evergreen - deep evergreen with shimmer
Fairy Lights - pale pearly grey with shimmer
Jack Frost - shimmery iridescent topper, glows ice blue on a dark base
Mojito - colour shifting topper that shows various green shades
Peace On Earth - pale mint green with pink shimmer
Tarnished Tinsel - gold glitter with flecks of red and silver bits
Velvet Bow - dark metallic red
Very Merry Berry - deep red crelly

The Ghosts of Christmas Past (2016) polish line-up

Before the previous trip to the past, The Ghosts of Christmas Future Collection arrived in 2015. There was also a visitor to this future from even back further in the past. Yeah, I'll let you try to read that all over again.

This collection was an 8 piece of futuristic metallic shimmery goodness, with Santa's Sunburn making a return from a previous collection, that we will get to if you continue to read on.

A Christmas Time Paradox - bright blue foil with silver shimmer
Eat, Drink and Assimilate - coppery orange metallic foil
Frosty The Snowborg - silver metallic foil
Hack the Halls - bright green metallic foil
Joy To The Overlords - purple foil finish with small sparks of blue in it
Santa’s Sunburn -  red metallic foil
The Night Before ... - black base with dense silver flecks
Yuletide Of The Machines - gold metallic foil

Ghosts of Christmas Future (2015) polish line-up

Going back to 2014 now, The Rooftop Soiree Collection makes its elegant entrance.

A collection of 6 glittery polishes true to the spirit of a glittery holiday.

Cocktail Bar - teal jelly with teal, blue and green glitters
Daphne After Dark - charcoal jelly with multicoloured glitters
Glitz and Glam - mix of gold and silver micro glitters, works best as a topper
Invitation Only - metallic grey has colour shifting particles and glitters
Moments Til Midnight - dark blue jelly with golden glitters
Red Carpet Treatment - red jelly with various glitters

Rooftop Soiree (2014) polish line-up

Our final stop is back in 2012 when The Christmas Without Snow Collection was released.

There were 6 polishes of glittery goodness.

Blue Gums on Boxing Day - green with blue shimmer
Hot Summer Nights - ink blue jelly with silver glitter
Party by the Pool - peacock jelly with green & blue bits
Santa's Sunburn - red foil with silver glitter
Seasonal Sunset - rusty jelly with glitters
Twinkling Lights - blue glitter & larger copper glitter, works best as a topper

Christmas Without Snow (2012) polish line-up

Here's hoping that we will be able to experience more Christmas collections once again when PSC returns...

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