18 December 2018

What is Unicorn Pee?

Today, I'm gonna do a  redacted  and screenshot and quote existing stuff on the internet and pretend it's a whole new article.

What can I say, sometimes it's just stupid to try to reinvent the wheel. Not all the time, just sometimes... like this time.

So. Unicorn Pee. What is it?

um. wait. installing reddit app on phone. please don't be pointless.

edited screenshot, so much jpg... sorry. SOURCE 05/08/2017

Clarins 230 by reddit u/kimberleykitty SOURCE 11/04/2018

The UP fad resurfaced in 2017 (reddit, 05/03/2017), so that's last year, so I'm late... like usual.

Baroness X Doomfire SOURCE 04/08/2017
Also @ polishedlifting

I haven't quite settled on a reliable method of screenshotting yet. The current process is taking me way too long than it should be and so much jay-peg *CONCERN*

not quite what I was looking for but thanks. SOURCE 11/09/2011

An earlier wave of interest appeared to be around 2011/2012.

Swatch and Learn (08/04/2011) and Polish-Ninja (05/12/2011)

Fashion Polish (04/02/2011) , Chloe's Nails (13/06/2011)

There are databases (reddit, 20/08/2018) kept by fans to keep track of the polishes released containing UP.

After spending too much time, again, "researching" polishes that contain Unicorn Pee, I have come to the conclusion that I really like the looks of Darling Diva's Mythical Pee Collection (Naked Without Polish blog, 31/05/2017). And then, ONLY one of those polishes contain UP haha. I say looks, because I do not have access to these polishes in real life. The collection name is also hilarious. The collection appears to have 11 different polishes, with one containing metallic flakes of precious metals and 5 polish names with two variations each, basically 1 + 5x2 = 11

There is the ONE Unicorn Pee which has a clear base with the UP pigment, glitters, various flakes including holographic AND those fancy precious metals (silver, gold, platinum) flakes. It has a whitish-silvery overall shade.

everyone poops pees

The other types of "Mythical Pee" contain varying shades of chameleon (colour shifting) pigments and each type also comes in no-added-holo or with-added-holo versions.

Dragon Pee contains reptilian green-blue shifting pigment with fiery red flecks.

I am dragon, I go whoosh

Fairy Pee contains a field of green-gold-copper shifting pigments.

ancient places, in reality

Mermaid Pee contains aqua-indigo shifting pigments of the deep watery salty sea.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Kelpie Pee
contains the other-worldly glow of green-blue shifting pigments.

what's wrong with yer pony?

Pegasus Pee contains green-indigo shifting pigments of a dark forest.

no polish, so here's a forest from the Mixels

... but why aren't their "pee" of the yellow kind? Shhhhh... no questions...

AND then, there's the Spring/Summer 2018 Collection released by FUN Lacquer (of Singapore), sometime in 2018 as its name implies (unsure if Northern or Southern Spring/Summer?) also included three polishes (out of a 10 part collection) named after Unicorn parts*, NO Unicorn Pee (pigment) included but still unicorny and shimmery and I'm quite certain that Unicorn Nails should be Hooves or maybe it's referring to the application to human nails...

there's also "Unicorn Love" but that's NOT a body part!

I wants them. The precious...

* please do NOT use real unicorn parts, please only use pretend unicorn parts.

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