09 December 2018

Daphne's Birthday Polishes!

2019 - Who knows what the future will hold for PSC but wishing them all the best of luck!

2018 - Hmm...

2017 - 5th Anniversary - Daphne's Masquerade Party - clear base polish packed with small and even tinier holographic glitters
Daphne's Masquerade Party

I apologise for the terrible photoshop stitch job on the bottle above :(

Swatches (and much better images than what I come up with) and reviews of Daphne's Masquerade Party at More Nail Polish (18/06/2017).

2016 - Business as usual

2015 - 3rd Anniversary - The PSC brand is growing up!

Daphne's Disco Party - tinted neon pink base with a mix of matte hex glitters in pinks, yellow, red and iridescent glass flecks
Daphne's Disco Party

Disco Daphne, illustrated by Leigh Young 2015


Daphne's Garden Party - clear base with a mix of small and medium metallic pastel hex glitters
Daphne's Garden Party

Garden Daphne, illustrated by Leigh Young 2015

2014 - Business as usual... or was it? (19/12/2014 lani-loves)

Honorary Mention - Daphne After Dark - this dark glittery polish was released as part of the Rooftop Soiree Collection (Holiday 2014). And since it does mention Daphne's name and is wonderfully glittery as Daphne's other parties, it fits quite well in this set.

Daphne After Dark

Again, I apologise for the terrible photoshop stitch job on the bottle above :(

2013 - 1st Anniversary - Daphne's Birthday Party - Hannah at Polly Polish confirms that there are definitely "gold, pink, red, blue, green and purple pieces" in this glitter bomb.

Daphne's Birthday Party

Birthday Daphne, illustrated by Leigh Young 2013

2012 - PSC makes their debut in the nail polish world on the 14th of May 2012 with
the Hello World! collection, with six polishes inspired by the geeky world of computing.

Hello World!

- the beginnings of PSC is in the works by Kaz, renowned blogger (17/05/2015 violetlebeaux) of HTF nail polishes (14/05/2012 polishinsomniac/Jessika).

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